Sybaweb, a South African IT service and solution provider, has successfully undertaken a country-wide and continental expansion plan, having identified a growing demand for outsourced managed services.
In order to ensure Sybaweb’s growth, the company turned to Kaseya, the only vendor to provide a complete IT systems management SaaS solution, along with an on-premises solution.

Previously, Sybaweb serviced the major centres of Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Since launching in 1994 Sybaweb has built a successful business that catered to a diverse client base across a spectrum of vertical markets, with a focus on engineering, manufacturing, finance and small and medium-sized businesses.

Outsourced managed services can assist companies to improve the efficiency and profitability of their businesses through the maximisation of their technology and IT systems.

“We needed a solution that would enable us to scale our business expertise effectively, while also leveraging the power of the cloud to reach a broader market,” says Andreas Nel, CEO at Sybaweb. “We also required a Microsoft Windows-centric solution, as that is the platform the majority of our clients work off.

“The Kaseya suite of tools met all of our requirements. We are now servicing multi-national clients that have operations in several African countries, as well as companies in other centres in South Africa, like Port Elizabeth and East London,” says Nel.

Through its cost-effective, enterprise-class IT systems management solutions, Kaseya is able to meet an organisation’s needs today, while ensuring the scalability required to meet future demands.

To accommodate the expansion, Sybaweb increased its support staff, but with the adoption of Kaseya the company has been able to increase the number of workstations managed per technician by 20% to 30%, according to Nel.

“This is largely due to the automation capabilities of the Kaseya solution. It allows our technicians to schedule the often mundane, yet time consuming services. This lets them concentrate on the more important aspects of managed services, like issue resolution and proactive system maintenance.

“This has made our staff more efficient and allows them to focus on the bigger picture, which is where we add real value to our clients’ businesses.

“Sybaweb offers a complete IT management solution comprising consulting, connectivity, cloud services and managed services on open source and Microsoft platforms,” explains Nel.

“We have a team of highly skilled staff with core competencies in a number of areas, specifically service support and desktop maintenance, as well as our own data centre and network infrastructure, as the company is also an internet service provider (ISP). This ensures we can provide our clients with the solutions and advice they need to grow.”

In addition, Sybaweb is now also able to offer a broader spectrum of value added services to its clients.

“The reporting functionality, for instance, enables us to report back on IT spend, and what issues have been resolved. This ensures complete transparency, which helps to build trust, and delivers value as clients can now get a clear picture of their IT services.

“Our Kaseya-based IT framework can also audit our clients’ systems, which enables us to make recommendations, anticipate problems, pre-empt upgrades and predict faults before they happen. We are also able to reduce the number of ‘dead’ machines on a network, which significantly increases the operationally efficiency of our clients’ systems and delivers a better return on their existing IT investments.”

Kaseya has also significantly improved Sybaweb’s operational efficiencies. “The deployment process for the agents, through Kaseya v6.3, is so simple that we don’t require a technician on site to do it, as roll-outs can now be managed remotely. This has significantly reduced travel costs and ensures clients are up and running following upgrades in a shorter timeframe,” continues Nel.

“These increased efficiencies reduce our clients’ operating expenses, while capital expenditure is also reduced as there is no longer a need to purchase disparate solutions, like antivirus, as this is built in to the framework of Kaseya v6.3.”
“Thanks to the flexibility of Kaseya, Sybaweb have been able to improve on its already impressive reputation of being one of South Africa’s top ISPs, by offering their quality services further afield,” says Garth Hayward, regional manager for Africa at Kaseya.

“This partnership with Kaseya ensures that Sybaweb is no longer limited to just providing world class ISP and managed service solutions to clients located around South Africa’s major cities, but into other African countries too, effectively delivering enterprise IT for everyone,” he concludes.