Dax Data has announced the local availability of Adobe’s latest addition to its Creative Cloud family — single desktop applications. Creative teams can now purchase membership of a single app like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC or any other of the entire collection of CC desktop applications.
Two team plans are available for Creative Cloud: the complete option delivering 14 Adobe desktop applications and sophisticated, cross-device collaboration and publishing capabilities; or the new single app plan that includes access to one desktop application along with 20GB of storage and the ability to showcase work on Behance (the world’s leading creative community).

“Both plans radically simplify license management and deployment for IT departments,” says Dax Data’s MD, Jeremy Matthews.
“An intuitive, easy-to-use web portal, the Admin Console, allows administrators to purchase, deploy and manage all seats centrally across an organisation (whether single app or complete) under one membership agreement, making access to Adobe’s cutting edge tools more affordable than ever,” he explains.

The new single app plan for teams delivers many of the benefits of full Creative Cloud for teams’ membership. Customers receive updates to their favourite desktop CC application as new features become available.

Creatives can share files with colleagues, inside or outside the organisation; and cloud-based storage of 20Gb can be used to view, edit, store and share a larger set of files across the team. Designers can also publish a customised online portfolio, with Behance ProSite, and solicit feedback from the worldwide creative community. Over 1,6-million creatives globally belong to the Behance network.

“Among the numerous additional features included in these latest versions of Adobe’s industry-defining desktop tools are new sharpening technologies and designer workflow enhancements for Photoshop CC. Camera Shake Reduction de-blurs images which would otherwise have been lost due to camera movement,” elaborates Matthews.

“For example, an all-new Smart Sharpen makes texture and detail pop while minimising noise and halos; while Adobe Camera Raw 8 adds even more powerful photographic controls to straighten and perfect images.”

For designers, the Touch Type tool in Illustrator CC offers a new level of creativity with type. It’s possible to move, scale and rotate text characters (which remain editable) with a mouse, stylus or multi-touch device. Illustrator also enables painting with a brush made from a photo. Thanks to Art, Pattern, and Scatter brushes, designers can create complex organic designs quickly, with simple brush strokes.

A new, modern architecture for InDesign CC turbocharges performance, and in-browser editing in Adobe Muse CC – a tool for designers to create and publish HTML websites without writing code – allows clients to edit a published website, which can then be reviewed, approved, and updated by the designer.

For video customers Adobe Premiere Pro CC includes dramatic new editing features, customisations and improvements to help editors work more efficiently. Web designers and developers can also look forward to significant advances in Adobe’s Edge tools and services and create animated and interactive content with ease and precision, using native HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Dreamweaver users can look forward to the most up-to-date CSS and properties via the intuitive visual editing tool, CSS Designer. And Adobe Flash Pro CC features a modern, modular 64-bit architecture rebuilt from the ground up to be fast and reliable.