Start-up and SME businesses with Internet access are now able to buy an affordable automated desktop payroll software solution on a subscription basis with a low monthly payment that avoids the usual initial outlay costs.
Internet technology enables the software to be delivered online and paid for via an automatic electronic monthly debit order, helping companies with capital and cash flow issues.

Users are able to register online and can purchase add-on modules on subscription as required or whenever the business expands. The software is also automatically updated via the Internet as new functionality is developed.

“SARS legislation and statutory requirements change on a regular basis and manual payroll administration or the use of worksheet formulae are often found wanting in keeping up with these changes,” says Sage Pastel Payroll channel manager Laurica Kok.

“The Payroll and accounting software is designed to meet all the needs of SMEs enabling companies to obtain the latest versions of the software affordably through subscriptions billed in advance and paid by monthly debit order.”

Kok adds that in this tough economy, companies have been veering away from paying the total cost of software up front. A desktop solution that can be easily accessed via the Internet provides the software more affordably, quickly and simply. Software updates and renewals are conducted automatically, also via Internet.

“Automation of the payroll ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time. When a business signs up for the Internet solution, the product is shipped electronically. Software upgrades are automatically provided via Internet and are rapidly and simply installed. Payments can be made by electronic funds transfer or by credit card.

“Frictionless, automated software update technology ensures users will always work with the latest legislative version if they have an Internet connection.”

With the subscription programme there are no hefty up-front costs. Pieterse says when a user signs up, the product is shipped immediately.

“One of the main reasons why businesses do not stay on the latest version of software is the perceived hassle factor of upgrading but with subscription and frictionless upgrade technology, the upgrades are conducted automatically and seamlessly, eliminating disk upgrades and having to hang on in telephone queues.

“Users no longer need to visit a website to download and install updates or CD versions manually as the software’s connected services functionality does it all for them, which means an end to disruptive installation and implementation cycles,” says Kok.

“The desktop solution is fully updated with a mouse click and a pop-up that provides a renewal code enables users to immediately and simply renew their software for another year. Previously such renewals were implemented two days after receipt of payment. Now users don’t have contact the call centre or travel to make payments.”

With an Internet connection users can also view invoices in the payroll system and multiple customer e-mail address functionality gives them the flexibility to enter recipient email addresses to receive invoices and statements.

“The software complies with the six major payroll and labour Acts, ensuring that payroll and leave documentation is always processed in accordance with the most current legislation, statutes and SA Revenue Services requirements,” concludes Kok.