Ellies has branched out into the world of telecommunications and entertainment with a new organisation: Ellies Connect.
Ellies Connect comprises three different but integrated elements: entertainment; hardware; and connectivity. Ellies Connect will showcase these choices, demonstrate their features and offer end-to-end solution that includes installation and customer service.

Through partnerships with satellite service provider Skyevine and iBurst, the connectivity offering will use satellite broadband to supplement 3G and ADSL to provide connectivity anywhere in the country.

Through the partnership with iBurst, Ellies Connect users will be able to access fast Internet, fax-2-e-mail, iSMS starter (a product that allows users to send SMSes directly from a computer), and a voice line service that allows users to make and receive calls from their computer or from a dedicated voice-over-internet telephone.

A range of packages is available to suit individual or business needs.

Future plans include expanding the entertainment offerings to include digital terrestrial television, (DTT) and digital TV-to-home service Platco, along with accessories.