Just a few weeks after the announcement of the local availability of Jabra’s music range of headphones and speakers in South Africa, the global leader in innovative headset and speakerphone solutions announced a new co-operation with Dolby Laboratories.
This collaboration will see Dolby Digital Plus become part of Jabra’s Sound App, delivering music as it should be heard: rich and immersive with full-spectrum sound, and ensuring a new listening experience for mobile music lovers around the world.

Exclusive to selected Jabra music products, it’s simply a case of downloading the optimised Jabra Sound App and installing it on a smartphone or tablet. In addition to delivering virtual surround sound with bass and high frequency enhancements, the new app features a graphic equaliser with predefined and customised setting options and a Jabra headphone model selector for optimal sound experience.

The Jabra Sound App also enables consumers to easily create and manage playlists and to share music that they are listening to via social media channels.

“Smartphones and tablets are becoming ubiquitous as users access and listen to their music while on the move, but it’s not just about convenience as consumers want the best sound experience as well.

“So whether they’re commuting, on the beach, out for a walk or simply relaxing at home, the new Jabra Sound App with Dolby Digital Plus delivers incredible sound with added depth and dimension for both corded and wireless headphones,” says Ahmed Elkalliny, Middle East & Africa Area sales director at Jabra.

“Now more than ever, music lovers demand a premium, high-quality audio experience wherever they are,” says Andreas Spechtler, EMEA regional VP, Dolby Laboratories.

“Jabra’s Sound App with Dolby Digital Plus is proof of our mutual commitment to transforming how listeners experience the music they enjoy. Dolby will continue to look at new and innovative ways of delivering next-generation music service experiences.”

The application is available on online app stores (Android and iOS) free of charge with the Jabra VOX, Jabra REVO and Jabra REVO Wireless headphones. The Jabra Revo Wireless headphones will be the first wireless headphones in the world to offer Dolby Digital Plus for this enhanced music experience.