Contact centre solutions provider, Ocular Technologies, has announced that it is offering southern African clients the award-winning Altitude Software’s Altitude uCI 8 software, a solution that increases both contact centre profitability and impact on business with realtime insights, multimedia workflows, campaign optimisation and unified social media interactions.
According to Ebrahim Dinat, COO at Ocular Technologies, local organisations will be especially pleased with the real business impact of Altitude uCI 8 as it helps contact centres execute business strategies in realtime and deliver maximum value in a wide range of operational situations.

“The software is a significant innovation in key contact centre business areas. It supports next generation customer service, intelligent campaigns, advanced management tools and social media engagement,” he says.

Altitude uCI 8 includes hundreds of new features focused on increasing contact centre’s ability to perform profitably and it delivers significant innovation in four key contact centre business areas:

* Informed decisions with realtime insights – Altitude uCI 8 enables managers to go beyond standard operations management, access a wealth of realtime information and combine operational and business monitoring to build customised business dashboards. “This new reality drives informed decisions that improve business results and operational performance,” adds Dinat.

* Unified social media interactions – Altitude uCI 8 allows contact centres to monitor and interact with social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, using unified customer history, consistent business processes and skilled agents in multiple channels. This enables companies to engage and respond to customers and prospects by applying customer service discipline, metrics and resources.

* Multimedia workflow – Altitude uCI 8 automates business processes beyond the contact centre, extending customer service to the whole organisation. A unified multimedia queue aggregates all interactions and activities, routing tasks and customer information to relevant agents and people in the organisation.
“Increased management control in business processes improves customer service levels, accountability and productivity in the organisation,” says Dinat.

* Intelligent campaigns – Altitude uCI 8 helps contact centres manage and apply business intelligence “on the fly” in outbound services. Campaign creation, replication and management are fast and intuitive.
Contact centre decision makers benefit from advanced functionality to analyse realtime data, change segmentation and accelerate campaign returns. New management algorithms evaluate resources, tasks, skills and compliance to deliver the best business results, while using powerful predictive, power and preview dialling solutions.

Altitude Software, highlights Dinat, delivers a worldwide robust, modular solution that handles all customer interactions and unifies all touch points throughout the organisation in an open, platform-independent solution, based on standards.

Noteworthy is that Altitude uCI 8 won a 2013 IP Contact Centre Technology Pioneer Award from “Customer” magazine, an international publication focusing on the CRM, call centre and teleservices industries. This award honours companies that have produced innovative, “best in class” IP contact centre solutions in the last 12 months.