The Motorola LI2208 corded linear image scanner from Westcon Comztek Mobility Solutions represents the next generation in 1D image scanning, featuring a compact design, legendary Motorola reliability, and ergonomic comfort that enables users to capture both printed and electronic 1D barcodes.
Unlike laser scanners, the LI2208 linear scanner enables barcodes to be captured on both paper and the screens of tablets and mobile phones. With the widest working range in its class, it offers scanning at more than twice as far away as competitive devices, enabling faster scanning from greater distances.

A single circuit board construction maximises durability and reduces downtime, removing connectors and ribbon cables, which represent the most common points of failure. The device is also thoroughly durability tested, withstanding more than 100 drops and 1000 consecutive tumbles.

Other features include smart auto-host detect cables for easier deployment, handheld and hands-free operation, international keyboard support, and easy device management with complimentary tools to simplify configuration, monitoring and updating. The LI2208 is ideal for retail, light industrial manufacturing, education and the hospitality and tourism industries.