At VMworld, Citrix announced Citrix NetScaler Control Center for VMware. Citrix is automating deployment and configuration of NetScaler functionality within networks that will use the new VMware NSX network virtualisation platform and other VMware virtualisation technologies.
Leveraging the same Citrix Triscale technology that powers the world’s largest clouds, NetScaler Control Center enables cloud administrators to programmatically insert best-in-class NetScaler services into software-defined data centres built on VMware virtualisation technologies.

In today’s era of mobility and cloud, an open network virtualisation architecture is a critical element of the software-defined data centre.

It provides the networking agility and programmability necessary to simplify data centre IT operations while enabling choice. Citrix is partnering with VMware to give customers the freedom to seamlessly insert NetScaler into VMware NSX networks, allowing them to deploy best-in-class NetScaler application delivery services into their VMware or other cloud environments.

In doing so, Citrix is providing customers flexibility and choice when deploying advanced application availability, security and optimisation functionality.

NetScaler Control Center integration with VMware NSX abstracts away the traditional complexities associated with physical network topology, enabling users to programmatically deploy NetScaler services within seconds.

Leveraging infrastructure used to integrate NetScaler with Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack, NetScaler Control Center automates the deployment, configuration and management of NetScaler services into virtualised networks, traditional physical networks, or into mixed physical and virtual networking environments.

Combined with NetScaler SDX, NetScaler Control Center is another key milestone in the Citrix vision to deliver application-defined cloud networks.

NetScaler Control Center for VMware will enable customers deploying Citrix NetScaler and VMware technologies to accelerate the transformation to the software-defined data centre with its ability to:
* Enable users to spin-up NetScaler services in their VMware-based cloud environments at the same time they are spinning up virtual servers, virtual storage and the larger virtual network;
* Allow self-service NetScaler configuration by users directly from the VMware vCloud GUI;
* Free users from dealing with the complexities of network topology and configuration, allowing them to focus solely on the NetScaler functionality that their applications need; and
* Complement NetScaler Insight Center and NetScaler Command Center, solutions that deliver deep visibility and control to critical business applications and mobile services across public and private cloud environments.

“Comprehensive network virtualisation solutions must provide choice for inserting best-in-class application delivery services into cloud-orchestrated data centres.

“Integration of VMware NSX with Citrix NetScaler will give our joint customers the ability to gain advanced application availability, security and optimisation functionality that complement existing VMware NSX capabilities,” says Hatem Naguib, VP, Cloud Networking and Security, VMware.

“Citrix NetScaler and VMware provide the virtualisation and networking foundation for Layered Tech eBusiness Cloud Data Center services. Tight integration between NetScaler and VMware helps us continue to innovate more quickly and deliver agile and secure cloud data centre solutions to our customers,” says Kevin Van Mondfrans, VP, Products, Layered Tech.

“Networking virtualisation is critical to unlocking the full productivity benefits of fully virtualised cloud data centres. However, customers need to know they can continue to rely upon and use already proven advanced networking services as they transition,” says Brad Casemore, IDC research director, Datacenter Networks.

“Partnerships like the networking partnership between Citrix and VMware will accelerate adoption of next generation network virtualisation.”

“Openness, programmability and automation are the core tenants of a cloud networking architecture. We are excited to collaborate with VMware to seamlessly integrate NetScaler services into networks built using the VMware NSX network virtualisation platform,” says Sunil Potti, VP and GM, NetScaler Product Group, Citrix.