Following a 16% increase in revenues for a financial year that, at best, could be described as turbulent, Mustek executives are distinctly bullish about the future.
In a statement after the release of its annual results which showed market improvements in almost all areas of the business, Mustek CEO David Kan says: “We are highly encouraged by this progressive set of results for the financial year ending June 2013.
“We set ourselves very clear goals at the beginning of FY13, to deliver revenue growth with enhanced efficiencies and to secure competitive, sustainable margins, while still exploring diversification in products with growth potential. I believe we have managed these goals well and I am pleased with the bold efforts displayed by our sales teams, resulting in a respectable performance of the company from a revenue perspective.”

Hein Engelbrecht, MD of the company was equally pleased with the group’s performance.

“We’ve had an exceptional year, considering the turbulent times the broader IT industry experienced in FY13,” Engelbrecht says.

“We believe that this coming year provides the ideal platform to carry on supporting our provision of solutions in the mobility, cloud, security (CCTV), networking and fibre arenas, continuing our emphasis on the Education, Health, Security and Solar energy industries. In FY14 we will be looking to diversify our existing offerings – focusing on increasing volumes as it remains a driver of performance across our operations.

“Of course this comes with the need for adaptability, to be able to respond to dynamic market changes. We are confident about the opportunities the new financial year presents.”

Looking ahead, Mustek says it is focused on growing broad-based distribution, as well as its tablet business, including offerings from Asus, Mecer, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba.

The company will also continue to invest in key industry partnerships and solutions, exploring opportunities within the cloud computing, mobile and applications framework. Mustek will additionally be placing further emphasis on training and after sales support, advocating resellers that are able to act as trusted advisors to the end-user.

Mustek and subsidiary Rectron, which make up the group, were recently appointed as Microsoft Volume Licensing distributors – pioneering a cost-effective, flexible, and manageable way to acquire Microsoft software and cloud services. With this collaborative approach from a group perspective, the goal is to target the market with an innovative strategy.

The group has designed an electronic tool that will serve to revolutionise the volume licensing sales process, enabling resellers to translate the complex licensing program. This will serve as a significant competitive advantage for the Mustek Group, it says.

“While the IT sector is expected to remain challenging and unpredictable, we believe that with its broad product offering and in-depth understanding of its value proposition, Mustek has secured a sustainable future for the company and its stakeholders,” says Engelbrecht.