As global companies continue to transition to the public cloud, cyber security remains paramount. To address this challenge, Trend Micro’s “Trend Ready for Cloud Service Providers” programme was established in 2012 as a testing ground to verify compatibility of the Trend Micro’s security solutions with well-known global cloud providers.
A first-of-its kind initiative for cloud infrastructure providers, it helps alleviate concerns regarding the ability to add security to cloud deployments. To date, more than 20 leading cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud Services and Dell have been certified.

“The ‘Trend Ready’ initiative is off to a great start with some of the best known brands in cloud infrastructure services already participating,” says Gregory Anderson, country manager at Trend Micro, South Africa.

“We are proud of the success thus far and the confidence that each company has placed in us as we work together to protect their customers. This level of involvement and the ongoing growth reinforces the strength of both the program and Trend Micro’s cloud and data centre security offering.”

Being “Trend Ready” is the validation of a cloud infrastructure to support and operate Trend Micro’s comprehensive Cloud and Data Centre Security Solution.

This includes Deep Security, the industry’s first agentless security platform offering anti-malware, Web reputation and firewall in addition to intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring and log inspection; and SecureCloud, which provides encryption for protecting sensitive data in public cloud and virtualised environments.

The “Trend Ready” designation indicates that the installation, activation and functionality of Trend Micro solutions will seamlessly operate within each cloud provider’s ecosystem. By participating in the program, cloud service providers are confirming to their customers that their cloud infrastructures will work with Trend Micro security products.

Recent additions to the program span a variety of regions around the world.

“CSC is committed to providing its clients with next-generation security and data protection in the cloud,” says Siki Giunta, VP and GM for CSC Cloud. “Our Trend Micro relationship is an example of our commitment to securing our enterprise cloud as the preferred destination for strategic workloads and applications.”

“With our self-service cloud portal, vCloud, customers demand scalability and accessibility,” says Lubomir Ocko, MD, Rackscale, a growing cloud provider based in Slovakia. “Our ‘Trend Ready’ stamp of approval allows us to provide them with the confidence that with the use of Trend Micro solutions, their cloud infrastructure will be backed by one of the global pioneers in information security.”

“Trend Ready indicates to SmartCloud’s customers that there is an option for an additional level of protection that can be integrated into our dynamics platform with VMware virtualisation,” says Samir Mazzer Chuffi, product manager, data centre and security for OI, one of Brazil’s largest telecom operators.

“Now our customers will have the option to add industry-leading cloud security, adding value to their environments and more confidence for their end-users.”