Local provider of turnkey solutions based primarily on Microsoft products, Dac Systems, in association with Microsoft South Africa, has launched an end-to-end solution, Ubiquity-R, to add immediate and lasting value to retail operations – irrespective of size or location.
The industry leaders will showcase the solution on 17 September at the Microsoft Technology Centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg, and highlight the benefits of Ubiquity-R.

Benefits of the solution include the provision of an integrated view of what is selling and where, irrespective of channel (such as a physical store, online store or marketplace); efficient operations and realtime monitoring of various dynamics that form part of the retail environment.

This translates into real game-changing advantage to the retailer, who is empowered with technology that will take them to the next level of operation.

The solution also offers full ERP functionality, full integration with existing Microsoft application, as well as accurate and immediate insight into store, headquarter and supply chain operations.

One of the core objectives of Ubiquity-R, which speaks to the wide proliferation of technology and extensive application, is to help clients improve their management of key areas of the business – from HR to payroll administration to sales, information and document management and everything in between.

By providing an integrated and complete view, these technologies are set to revolutionise the way business operate going forward and are expected to have a significant impact on operations says Aldo van Tonder, solutions executive, Dac Systems.

“Our mandate is to offer solutions that are powerful yet easily managed and effective. They address requirements in the market and are targeted at businesses that want a cost-effective and uncomplicated way to improve operations,” says Van Tonder. “This event is part of a concentrated awareness and value-add campaign to highlight the advantages of these solutions within key business environments.”

To add impetus to its marketing and general awareness campaign, Dac Systems will be hosting regular industry specific events, in conjunction with its partner Microsoft South Africa.