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Security solutions distributor, NetXactics, has developed an online Solutions Tool that is making it easier for customers to find and implement the right security solution for their company’s needs.
Brett Myroff, CEO of NetXactics, says companies can easily get lost in the sheer number and array of security solutions available today.

“The security landscape has evolved to a point where it’s no longer a case of installing simple antivirus software, firewalls and endpoint protection. One solution does not fit all needs, which adds to the burden of navigating your way through a maze of possible security scenarios.”

Typically, organisations might not know whether an in-house or cloud based security solution would best address their needs; or easily determine the best approach to securing their mobile devices, for example. In many cases, says Myroff, companies struggle with the terminology and IT jargon alone.

The in-house developed Online Security Tool will ensure that companies can identify and evaluate the best possible security set-up for their requirements, and takes away much of the complexity inherent in today’s security arsenal.

The tool is easy to use and simplifies a vast amount of available information, keeping to the point of helping clients find the best solution.

Accessible via NetXactic’s Web site, it offers a starting point for customers to identify their security priorities. Whether a company is looking for a security solution or service, the user friendly interface makes it possible to build a complete solution in simple-to-follow steps.

Myroff says the building blocks of any security solution need to be presented in an easily digestible format.

“The Online Solutions Tool offers the necessary steps to find a path to the solution you are interested in, and does so by means of clear, non-technical terminology. This way, it’s easy for anyone to use,” he says.

The Solutions Tool further presents only the most relevant information “at your fingertips”. Service Team members are also available online to assist customers telephonically throughout the process as they make use of the tool.

“NetXactics is at the forefront of growing and evolving to ensure the best solutions are made available to our clients. The Online Solutions Tool, in combination with a dedicated technical team, focuses on giving clients much needed assistance to find a security solution that will suit their needs.

“It cuts through an overwhelming amount of information regardless of whether you are looking for Patch Management, Mobile Security and Control, Unified Threat Management or Data Loss Prevention, among many others,” he adds.