Electronics giant Samsung has scored a world first by being the first company to launch a new four door French Door “Sparkling Refrigerator” powered by SodaStream, the renowned maker of consumer-carbonated fizzy drinks.
The 890L refrigerator is integrated with a sparkling water dispenser that uses SodaStream’s 60L CO2 cylinder (sold separately) and is concealed inside the left refrigerator door.

The Samsung SodaStream refrigerator was launched in the USA in April this year. SodaStream continues to grow market share around the globe and the company believes this growth will continue, especially due to the newly launched and improved cola flavours (cola, diet cola and sugar free cola) – and the popularity of the award-winning new Source model.

In the USA, the company’s machines are now in over 1% of US households – with the company predicting that this penetration will at least double in the next two years.

The company, meanwhile, reported that its second-quarter net income jumped 36%, buoyed by strong demand fuelled by its launch at Wal-Mart Stores.

Revenue rose 26% to $132,4-million from $103-million.

Revenue coming from South Africa had increased by 26% compared to last year’s second quarter, while the company was 15% up on last year’s Q2 budget:
* SodaStream makes beverage carbonation systems that enable consumers to easily transform tap water into carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water;
* The company is the world leader in home carbonated drinks, and is active in 45 countries – 21 direct and 24 via distributors; and
* It boasts a total of 60 000 stores, with 15 000 of these based in the USA. It sells its carbonated fizzy drinks to more than 6,5-million active households, with 1,3-million of these being in the USA.