When looking to diversify its business offerings and take a leap into the provision of cloud-based application services, such as Office 365, Bloemfontein based ITE Services turned to distribution partner Comztek to assist.
Tapping into the value-added solutions offerings of Comztek, ITE Services has transformed its business from purely delivering hosted e-mail and hosted Internet connectivity, to being a fully-fledged provider of Office 365 solutions to business.

“At first we were sceptical, but the Software Solutions team at Comztek convinced us that the move would require minimal investment from our side and would have a low barrier to entry,” states Johan Eloff, solutions consultant at ITE Services.

“Once we were familiarised with the product through a remote session, we created and set up our partner login, and immediately began using the software in our own company.

“The process was unbelievably easy and we created our first customer on the billing portal within minutes,” he adds.

The Comztek Software Solutions business offers customers access to a range of technical, pre- and post-sales skills and services that are designed to assist partners and resellers through the process of becoming a fully-fledged Office 365 reseller.

“It is our goal as a value-added distributor to provide our customers with a quantifiable path where they can progress from having little to no knowledge of a solution or product, to being able to provide a full service,” states Kevin George, Microsoft SMB programme manager at Comztek.

Today ITE Services is able to offer full Office 365 services. This includes migration services for clients from aging hardware systems to newer solutions, this includes system migrations where necessary; it is also able to perform full desktop installations where a client does not have its own IT department.

“We work with clients who don’t want to have to manage any of their IT services themselves, or they are simply too small to have in house IT skills. The Office 365 suite has been an ideal and complimentary addition to our business offerings as it meets these needs of our customers head on.

“The fact that we have, with Comztek’s help, been able to gear up our business as a cloud-based application services company so quickly is true testimony to the ease of use of the new Office solutions,” ends Eloff.