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Research from Castrol and TomTom reveals that drivers in Cape Town could experience 8 760 stop-starts a year, compared to the highest ranked city, Istanbul, where drivers might experience 31 200 stop-starts.

The study was carried out for Castrol by TomTom, using information from its satellite navigation systems on vehicles in 50 cities worldwide. The goal was to highlight the pressures that changing driving conditions place on vehicles across the globe.

Other cities in the study include Johannesburg with 9 840, Beijing with 28 200, London with 21 000 stop-starts, New York with 15 480, and Sydney with 13 200. Stop-start driving can increase microscopic wear in car engines and Castrol’s studies have shown that even a normal driver can experience as many as 18 000 stop-starts every year.

According to Castrol engineers, frequent stop-starts can cause increased wear to a car engine. The number of stop-starts reflect the driving conditions and situations drivers are facing in each market. These results show the size of the stop-start problem and indicate that precautions are necessary, one of the reasons why Castrol commissioned this study.

Castrol have identified three levels of stop-start driving, Green, Amber and Red. Amber and Red warn drivers of heavy stop-start conditions which are likely to bring about serious stop-start wear to the engines. They will trigger drivers to take appropriate actions to fight against stop-start wear and protect their engines every time they start.

* Green: Moderate level of stop-start driving, as drivers are experiencing less than 8,000 stop-starts per year. Recommend drivers to take necessary precautions against stop-start engine wear.

* Amber: Heavy level of stop-start driving, as drivers are experiencing 8,000 stop-starts or more per year. Drivers should take actions to protect against stop-start engine wear.

* Red: Severe level of stop-start driving, as drivers are experiencing 18,000 stop-starts or more per year. Drivers should take actions to protect against stop-start engine wear.

The project highlights stop-start driving, including traffic, urbanisation, and short journeys experienced in each area. Data from vehicles and trips within a region and time span was aggregated by TomTom, total driven kilometres and total number of stops calculated, and an average number of stops per driven km per region derived.