Kaseya, a leading provider of IT systems management software, today announced the general availability of Kaseya Traverse.

Traverse is a powerful solution, now delivered as SaaS, that delivers enterprise-class network performance monitoring, business service management (BSM) and predictive analytics for cloud, on-premise, hybrid, virtualised and distributed environments.

The new offering provides a strong complement to Kaseya’s award-winning systems management suite of products, enabling proactive management and monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure.

Kaseya Traverse offers IT organisations and managed service providers (MSPs) an easy to deploy and easy to use solution that provides a service-centric view of a company’s distributed, cloud and data centre infrastructure.

Traverse maps business services to the underlying IT infrastructure components that support them, so that users can pinpoint which business services or groups are affected by network, server or application problems. Identified issues are proactively remediated, and powerful, intuitive reporting enables the right individuals to make the right decisions at the right time.

Service level agreement (SLA) dashboards provide real-time updates on the SLAs of business services as well as IT components, and graphical NetFlow reports offer insights into traffic patterns related to specific applications and services.

Kaseya Traverse comes with out-of-the-box device fingerprints, which synthesise and provide intelligent information about the infrastructure automatically, enabling the solution to start delivering value immediately.
It also learns and remembers normal patterns of behaviour based on time of day, day of the week and month, and time of year, and automatically sets varying thresholds based on these patterns.

System behaviour is seen in context of these patterns, so that only true anomalies raise an alert. Traverse is also unique in that it provides built-in network configuration management that can backup and restore the configuration of all managed network devices (firewalls, switches, routers and so on) and alert when changes to configurations are detected.

“Managing cloud environments is a complex undertaking, and time to value is critical,” says Yogesh Gupta, CEO of Kaseya. “Kaseya Traverse enables IT departments and MSPs to proactively monitor and manage today’s cloud, on-premise, hybrid and virtualised environments. And because Traverse deploys with industry-leading speed, our customers can start delivering business value faster.”

“Within an hour, Traverse had discovered all of the major assets in my network and automatically assigned monitoring to critical systems. It found important health issues we had not been aware of, delivering new levels of visibility and immediate business value,” says Kerry DeVilbiss, IT manager at Anchor Point IT Services.

“United Technology Group (UTG) has long offered solutions to our customers that leverage Kaseya technology. Last quarter, we needed to expand our capabilities and started using Traverse to meet the demands of our mid-market clients. It’s a great solution, given the strong enterprise-level cloud and network monitoring features,” says Eric Dykes, CEO of United Technology Group, one of the nation’s fastest growing MSPs.

“With the combination of the Kaseya platform and Traverse, now under the Kaseya brand, we are well positioned to expand our reach and help our clients to successfully manage their evolving IT infrastructures.”

“IDC’s research indicates that MSPs, SMBs and enterprise IT decision makers increasingly want unified solutions to monitor, analyse and optimise IT performance across hybrid private cloud, public cloud and non-cloud IT resources. Many also want SaaS-based solutions that can be deployed quickly and allow IT staff to focus on adding value to the business by off-loading support for complex monitoring applications.

“The introduction of Traverse broadens Kaseya’s portfolio and arms it with a new set of solutions that are targeted directly at these emerging requirements,” states Mary Johnston Turner, research VP Enterprise Systems Management, IDC.