Master Data Management (MDM), reseller of Trillium Software, an enterprise data quality software and solutions provider, has announced that Trillium Software has been positioned as a data quality leader by independent analyst Gartner for the seventh consecutive year.
The report highlights Trillium’s dedicated focus to the data quality market, the depth of their product offerings and the positive relationships and support of customers as key strengths.

“Trillium Software continue to enhance both the depth of functionality and the ease of implementation of the data quality platform making this a good choice for customers seeking rapid time to value,” says Gary Allemann, MD of South African partner, Master Data Management.

In 2013, Trillium Software has continued to introduce new solutions to support the evolving needs of its customers. These focussed on innovative Self-Service Data Assurance Solutions that empower business leaders to take full control of mission-critical data across their organisations.

With accurate and complete information, business leaders can make more-informed decisions to accelerate business process improvement, comply with complex regulations such as PoPI and FATCA, identify unforeseen risks in critical areas such as insurance claims files, pinpoint emerging threats to their performance and uncover new markets to grow their business.

“We believe our brand and its recognition in the market represent our promise to clients worldwide that Trillium Software will remain the most innovative provider of data quality solutions in the market,” says John Nicoli, GM and CEO of Harte Hanks Trillium Software.