Liberty has launched an industry first: Risk Revealer, a Web-based tool that allows potential and existing clients to calculate their level of lifestyle and accidental risk.
Nicholas van der Nest, Divisional Director for Risk Product Management at Liberty, says the decision to develop this tool was based on the growing trend of “gamification” internationally and in South Africa, as well as the need to add value to clients.

“Risk Revealer is another innovation that puts a completely different spin on the concept of consumer education around risk protection needs. The tool provides a superb user experience and delivers an exciting opportunity for existing and potential clients to gain knowledge around their risk in a fun, interactive, yet educational manner,” says Van der Nest.

Risk Revealer consists of 20 questions – and clients are required to complete these questions that centre on their lifestyle, family life and the travel choices that they make every day.

However, unlike traditional insurance questions, the Risk Revealer questionnaire is a fun, innovative and sophisticated game. For example, rather than asking the client’s age, Risk Revealer will ask, how many candles are on your birthday cake.

As questions are answered, an animated avatar is created and starts taking on the characteristics of the details provided such as BMI, age, exercise routine, mode of transport and so on.

At the end of the game, clients are able to share their personalised avatar with all of their friends on Facebook, and see whether they qualify for a discount for cover, based on their risk profile. They are also able to benchmark their level of risk against everybody else that has played the game.

However, Van der Nest warns that the tool does not replace the need for a Financial Adviser, but serves to enhance the customer experience.

“South African consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for first-hand information, and this will help them to gather pertinent information in a fun, interactive way. They will still need to discuss their financial needs with an accredited Financial Adviser,” he notes.

The launch of Risk Revealer follows the successful launch of Liberty’s Risk Explorer, launched in October last year.

This app takes the user through a journey of the risks they face, based on their particular circumstances, such as their age, smoking habits and gender and gives information about the various types of cover available on Liberty’s Lifestyle Protector product that could be used to help protect against these risks. It even provides a ballpark quote for the cover chosen.