Oracle has announced new enhancements and features to Oracle Eloqua that will help modern marketers drive the best customer experiences and deliver high returns on marketing investments across their multi-channel campaigns.

The new enhancements and features help organisations of all sizes and from across all industries improve targeting, engagement, conversions, and analysis across digital, social and mobile channels through the use of technology.

Oracle Eloqua is the centrepiece of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, and the only solution that enables marketers to manage campaigns with owned, earned and paid media objectives in a single platform.

The new release extends Oracle Eloqua’s support for modern marketers by introducing the following new features:

* Oracle Eloqua AdFocus – gives marketers a single platform to dynamically create, manage and measure display ads alongside owned and earned media; allows them to intelligently target only key accounts or prospects that you want to reach with display ads; provides dynamic creative content or personalised ad copy based on their persona and activity; improves engagement with prospects by delivering the right digital advertising at the right time based on a prospect’s or customer’s digital (and social) body language, even when they are an anonymous contact; and converts prospects faster by delivering ads, based on known profile and position in the sales and marketing funnel.

* Oracle Eloqua Profiler – an intuitive and familiar social UI that gives sales reps one, detailed view of the prospect. This extends views beyond Oracle Eloqua asset activity (e-mails, forms, page views) to any external assets stored in Oracle Eloqua.

* Marketing resource management – capabilities create more secure and controlled access to marketing resources and data. New integrations provide greater insight into campaign resources and management through a central marketing calendar and simplify resource management.

* Integrated Sales and Marketing Funnel – integrated sales and marketing funnel view gives marketing and sales users, cross-functional teams, and executive management a consistent and clear view of pipeline performance. It also quickly provides users with historical metrics across different time spans and conditions.

* Eloqua AppCloud – this release, more than 20 new AppCloud partners were added and includes over 100 apps. Eloqua AppCloud now provides modern marketers with an even broader range of marketing applications that help expand and enrich sales and marketing efforts; easily accessible in the Topliners Community.

* Social capabilities – integration between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) deliver the industry’s most comprehensive, scalable and integrated modern marketing solution.
New capabilities include better tracking of social activities for a more complete customer profile. Engage Facebook custom audiences with AdFocus to deliver ads and meaningful experiences through trusted social networks.

“Modern marketers are always looking at new ways to enhance the customer experience and achieve the highest possible return on marketing investments across digital channels,” says John Stetic, VP Products, Oracle Eloqua.

“With the latest release of Oracle Eloqua, we are able to provide our customers with a single and flexible platform to manage campaigns with owned, earned and paid media objectives.

“This integration not only provides an intuitive and engaging user experience, but more importantly, optimises the performance of marketing campaigns by improving targeting, engagement, conversions, and analysis across digital, social and mobile channels.”