InfoProtect has created a new online portal for customers to gain access to security solutions and technology advice on a monthly subscription basis.

By removing the guesswork and intensive administration normally associated with these portals, InfoProtect is making it easier for anyone to be protected online.

“With the ever-growing online security threat landscape, organisations in South Africa need easy access to the latest information protection solutions,” says Trevor Coetzee, channel manager for South Africa, Symantec.

“Symantec commends InfoProtect for its proactive steps in bringing to life its new online portal, which provides its customers with access to security solutions and services on a monthly subscription basis.”

The latest Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 18 revealed a 42 percent surge during 2012 in targeted attacks compared to the prior year. Designed to steal intellectual property, these targeted cyber espionage attacks are increasingly hitting the manufacturing sector as well as small businesses, which are the target of 31 percent of these attacks.

Small businesses are attractive targets themselves and a way in to ultimately reach larger companies via “watering hole” techniques. In addition, consumers remain vulnerable to ransomware and mobile threats, particularly on the Android platform.

The subscription model consists of Symantec Security products and InfoProtect technical support services.

Through the monthly subscription, customers will receive access to Symantec Endpoint Protection which will offer comprehensive defence against complex attacks for both physical and virtual environments, and integrates nine essential security technologies in a single, high performance agent with a single management console.

“In the current security threat landscape, minimising risk and protecting critical data is of the utmost importance. The stakes are very high and security threats are more sophisticated than ever – modern businesses and individuals cannot afford downtime or loss of information. Everyone needs a reliable, holistic computer security service, referring to software and support,” says Hans van Vreden, director at InfoProtect.

“InfoProtect customers now have the option to effortlessly acquire computer security software including technical support when needed, on a cost effective monthly subscription basis making it easier to protect what matters most, wherever they are.”