Vox Telecom will be offering free hardware and installation on its YahClick satellite broadband business, enterprise and certain consumer packages until the end of March 2014.

YahClick is a Ka-band satellite service that provides customers across South Africa with high-speed, satellite broadband – even those in rural areas. As the service does not make use of cables to connect, it’s an attractive option for customers who are in need of fast, reliable internet services but are located far from the larger cities or who have experienced difficulties due to cable theft.

“Customers who sign on for a 3Mpbs Home service plan before 31 March 2014 or a Premium Home V 1Mbps, our voice-enabled service plan, before 31 December 2013, will receive the hardware and installation required to make use of the YahClick satellite service absolutely free,” says Clayton Timcke, head of marketing at Vox Telecom.

“Because the Premium Home V plan is optimised for voice, we are also giving customers who sign up for this package a free Vox Supafone with R59 per month talk time.”

Customers signing on for an enterprise or business package will also receive free hardware and installation if their order is placed before 31 March 2014.

“The business promotion includes everything a customer needs to connect, including the dish, router and installation, for all business and enterprise packages, wherever they are,” says Timcke.

YahClick business and enterprise packages vary in cost and size, with the most comprehensive package allowing usage of up to 360Gb of bandwidth per month.

All uploads for the service are free and do not count towards data usage, as are all downloads made during the Free Zone hours (between 01:00 and 06:00 daily). Installers are available across the country.

“The installation process is similar to installing a satellite TV service and extremely fast,” says Timcke. “And the best part is that customers in outlying areas no longer need to rely on fixed line services to access high speed internet and make calls.”