First Technology has launched an online store,, that offers companies a range of branded products – from printers and peripherals to tablets and accessories – under one virtual roof at some of the best prices in South Africa.

Backed by First Technology, FirstShop uses the footprint of its parent company to access 11 distribution points across the country and 125 000 brand name Tier 1 product lines to provide its customers with a complete range of hardware and software solutions, focusing on great service and competitive pricing.

“Online shopping is more convenient, faster and can be cheaper. There’s no reason businesses shouldn’t enjoy the same benefits from online shopping as everyone else does. Until now, they have had to make do without these benefits because there wasn’t a virtual store offering business-focused products.

“With the launch of FirstShop, we are providing business owners around the country with easy access to the products they need,” says Wayne Panaino, business manager at FirstShop.

He says that, in addition to the convenience of door-to-door delivery and the discounted prices, FirstShop only supplies products sourced through authorised channels, so there is no risk of grey imports. In addition, this online store has a full support team to ensure that customers that need some assistance with their products have easy access to high level tech personnel.

“Our goal is to provide the best customer service, and we offer the same guarantees, warrantees, and support businesses are used to from the traditional distribution channels – wrapped up in superior service,” Panaino says.

FirstShop will offer weekly specials covering the full range of product categories, at cheaper prices than can be found anywhere else.