Given South Africa’s level of unemployment, the competition that has escalated in most industries and the need to comply with legislation that now defines modern HR management, the relationship between employees and employers is very much under the spotlight.

Experts in HR management, people development and recruitment advise that both employees and employers should do all they can to maintain and sustain relationships – even if there is a parting of ways.

This is the view of HR practitioners at Accsys, a national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time and attendance space and member of the BCX Group.

Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys, offers up a number of practical examples where it makes business sense to maintain the integrity of a professional relationship. She stresses the importance of communication.

“Feedback is important. For example, if a candidate arrives for an interview and it does not go well, I believe it is only right that they are told the reasons … that on paper they are great, but they did not come across well in the interview. This will help them for the next interview,” says Schroenn.

Doing this demonstrates a sense of community spirit and of appreciation for the value of the individual, whether they are employed or not.

There are a number of areas where rapport and the level of relationship between employers and employees is forged, including induction programmes, learnerships or internship initiatives, line management, HR processes and procedures, remuneration discussions, promotions and the like.

HR professionals who run Accsys’ recruitment division, Accsys PeoplePlace, say that the advent of social networking and social media has created another forum through which relationships are established – and, on occasion, damaged.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, and, perhaps to a lesser extent, Facebook, are actively used to network and conduct business.

Being a company focused on people development and the strategic management of HR in business utilising best-of-breed solutions, Accsys is quick to advocate that relationships be maintained in so far as possible and that, in the event there is a parting of ways, that the association be retained.

“You never know if you will need people again or have to call on specific individuals in the future,” Schroenn adds.