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The telecommunications industry’s latest software-based session border controller (SBC), developed by Sonus Networks, is now available locally through Q-KON SA, a turn-key satellite connectivity provider, and the distributor of the Sonus products to the African market since 2002. The SBC delivers unlimited scalability and the same advanced features and functionality as the equivalent hardware SBC.

Sonus Networks has now introduced the Sonus SWe SBC, a solution that is feature equivalent to Sonus’ hardware-based SBC 5000 Series. The only difference between the Sonus SWe SBC and the Sonus SBC 5000 Series is how customers choose to deploy it: on industry-standard servers or in virtualised environments, versus the traditional hardware option.

Scalable from as few as 25 to an unlimited number of sessions, the user-defined scope of the SWe means that Sonus customers get to choose where they reside on the performance curve.

Sonus will provide customers with a set of performance specifications for customers’ host platforms, and customers can then rapidly expand capacity, calls per second, features, transcoding and security capabilities with a simple license key as business demands change.

Sonus is the only vendor on the market with the same hardened code base across its hard-ware and software SBC portfolio, giving customers complete investment protection and peace of mind about the security of their communications network.

By leveraging the same codebase and management interfaces, customers can seamlessly add the SWe SBC to networks with existing Sonus hardware-based infrastructure. For customers looking to leverage new and existing platforms to support network functions virtualization (NFV) functionality, the SWe SBC will allow customers to deploy a fully featured SBC co-resident with other applications.

Tjaart de Wet, MD of Q-KON SA, says that the company has an established and entrenched partnership with Sonus Networking and this affords it exposure to ground-breaking technology rollouts.

“Which is a true value-add to emerging markets throughout Africa. Customers require solutions that address performance requirements in terms of connectivity and telephony infrastructure. This is what differentiates businesses today. Sonus Networks has released a product that is flexible, feature-rich and scalable – all of which are important to developing businesses across the continent.”

“Despite legacy issues in regions in Africa, there is progress being made in terms of adapting and utilising solutions to acquire this agility,” De Wet adds.