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Flexenclosure, a specialist developer of intelligent power management systems and prefabricated data centres for the ICT industry, has received a large order from ACS Angola Comunicações e Sistemas, one of the country’s main suppliers of IT solutions and corporate network connectivity.

Flexenclosure will supply eCentre, a modular prefabricated turnkey data centre to ACS in the Angolan capital Luanda at their new telecom headquarters.

The double digit million dollar order from ACS was recently signed and the project is expected to be completed by December 2014. Flexenclosure’s prefabricated data centre eCentre will be deployed for ACS in Benfica, the rapidly expanding new business and commercial area of the Angolan capital Luanda.

The new data centre will be used to host services for corporate and banking customers as well as a high redundancy communication hub for both fibre and satellite communication, bringing enhanced security for banking transactions and data traffic for ACS and its customers.

The contract is Flexenclosure’s biggest to date – a complete turnkey project encompassing the entire data centre site – and also Flexenclosure’s first deployment in Angola. It covers detailed design, supply, civil works, installation, supervision, commissioning, local training and handover of the complete eCentre to ACS.

In total, the eCentre supplied will provide an 880sqm open floor space 1.25 MW data centre, with Tier III redundant power and cooling. It will also include a 280sqm warehouse.

“We look forward to start using this state-of-the-art modern data centre, which will vastly increase capacity and also give us bigger office space,” says Carlos Carvalho, CTO of ACS. “We especially appreciate the eCentre’s solution for its high quality, secure power supply and reliable operations. This new data centre will form a foundation for continued growth for ACS.”

For Flexenclosure, the order from ACS is of significant strategic importance to its data centre business in Africa. A recent order for eCentre in Ivory Coast, together with the ACS order announced today, signal Flexenclosure’s firm step into providing complete turnkey solutions – including civil works – and expanding footprint beyond the telecom sector into the broader ICT industry.

“We are very pleased to see ACS commit to our turnkey modular eCentre solution, which delivers a raft of benefits in terms of quality, flexibility and speed to operations,” says David King, CEO, Flexenclosure.

“This is a big deployment, close to 900sqm, and, including the civil works, it is our biggest order for eCentre to date. It proves our ability to manage big projects and offer best-in-class turnkey solutions to cope with the current data boom in Africa.”

SIS, Specialized Infrastructure Solutions, is Flexenclosure’s local partner in Angola and as such responsible for the civil works portion of the project. SIS is a Mauritius-based company providing professional and dynamic infrastructure solutions to the ICT industry throughout Africa and abroad.

Flexenclosure’s eCentre solutions are custom designed, prefabricated modular data and energy centres especially designed to house mission critical data and telecom equipment, and optimised for energy efficiency and low TCO.

The individual modules are factory built in Sweden and fully equipped and tested in a secure environment before being safely transported to the site where they are assembled. They are fast to deploy, energy efficient, easy to expand and fully future proof. After assembly, eCentre looks like any purpose built data centre on site.

Fuelled by enormous oil and diamond reserves, the Angolan economy has been one of the fastest growing in the world since the end of the civil war. With a population of 20-million, Angola has Africa’s fifth biggest and fastest growing economy. There are large scale upgrade projects ongoing in infrastructure, including mobile phone networks. The mobile communication penetration rate stands at approximately 89%.

With its headquarters and operations centre located in the city of Luanda, ACS is a provider of systems for private networks, dedicated circuits for data transmission and internet solutions via both satellite technology and wireless systems.

ACS provides satellite and wireless broadband Wimax services as well MicroWave Point-to-point to the private and public sectors including banks, government departments and entities across Angola.