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Master Data Management, Trillium Software’s partner in South Africa, has recently announced Trillium’s support and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics Content Resource Management (CRM) 2013.

The support and integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables sales and marketing teams to create and maintain high quality data for lead, contact and customer account information in real-time, allowing organisations to optimise their pipeline and up-sell solutions, improve campaign management and greatly bolster customer relationships.

“By integrating Trillium Software and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users are assured that data used within the CRM system can be trusted.

“This also allows Microsoft CRM users to make use of one data quality platform for both their Microsoft CRM application data as well as customer data that resides in other systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, further ensuring consistency of data quality across the enterprise,” says Gary Allemann from Master Data Management.

“The quality of CRM data is a major consideration for business professionals because data impacts and influences customer decisions and campaign strategies for growing your business,” says Connor Marsden, US Director, Dynamics CRM at Microsoft. “Customers that invest in enabling data quality see a positive return in driving new customer acquisition and revenue through existing customers.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not only where sales and marketing teams manage information, but it is also the source for a wide variety of organisational processes and analytics. Substandard data can be costly when leads are squandered and existing customer relationships are strained rather than maximised.

With Trillium Software System’s plug in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, users can remediate and maintain high quality customer data for existing information, or automatically correct newly-entered data in realtime on the fly.

Business stakeholders can explore the current state of data, confirm quality issues, quantify conditions for improvement, and automatically remediate data issues directly. In addition, the ability to verify addresses, link contacts and accounts, as well as update leads and contacts on the fly enables an organisation to standardise information based on an their individual sales and marketing needs.

With the Trillium Software plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users will be able to:
* Automatically match and merge duplicate records to create one golden contact record for each customer or account;
* Utilise newly-designed ‘pop up’ windows to manage the relationship between multiple duplicate records;
* Quickly and efficiently validate and remediate global postal code and address data for more than 240 countries worldwide; and
* Enrich customer data to help users more clearly understand their customer and prospect needs while optimising up-sell and regional campaigns to grow the business.

“Companies often implement CRM systems in the hopes of gaining a more complete picture of customers and prospects. However, research has shown that users routinely distrust the data within the system itself, creating a lack of value for their investment and impacting overall user adoption,” says David Pietropaolo, vice president of Global Alliances at Trillium Software.

“With Trillium Software, organisations using Dynamics CRM can rely on their data to provide a 360-degree view of the customer. Business users no longer need to question the quality of data, but instead, be assured that it will help nurture existing relationships and enable deeper engagement with potential new clients.”