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Ricoh SA’s IT distribution channel has snagged top honours at a Ricoh EMEA awards ceremony in Spain after it was only established in July, 2013.

Performance is measured by quantities sold, hardware revenue, consumables revenue, profit, growth and strategic channel development.

“My team and I set about establishing a simple, yet effective, distribution channel,” says Jacques van Wyk, executive GM of indirect operations at Ricoh SA. “We partnered with three distributors with each concentrating on different market segments to ensure channel integrity and minimise conflict. The tripartite arrangement allows us to have a presence in retail, the reseller channel and government.

“The strategy and partnerships are only one component of the complete picture,” says Van Wyk. “Another equally important component is the enthusiasm and activities of the team in indirect operations at Ricoh that has been actively penetrating the channel and communicating a unified message.”

Ricoh SA’s channel team consists of a business development manager, Jolene Castelyn, and four reseller account managers. “The success of the team was exemplified by the dedication and commitment of Jolene Castelyn, who is my right-hand woman. The operational success is a result of the entire team, particularly of Castelyn’s efforts, who maintains consistent momentum from the entire team and who always takes care of the details.”

Mustek’s Rectron and Incredible Solution have been invaluable partners, he says. “These partners know the markets well and they too have dedicated and focused people who took us as a “new vendor” into the market with care and guidance. The partners have been actively involved in bringing about this success, which is as much theirs as it is ours. The relationship between Ricoh SA and the partners is also fully transparent and builds on the core strengths of each partner in their respective markets.”

Ricoh SA’s channel as it stands today was begun in July 2013 and the division has employed additional staff members to foster continued growth and support for the partners. “We are absolutely dedicated to growing the brand and gaining market share,” says Van Wyk, “which cannot be done without the commitment of our employees, partners and their customers.”

“This is a team effort and once again exemplifies the statement that if you surround yourself with good people then you cannot help but succeed. Thank you to my team and especially Jolene Castelyn, and to my business partners, Rectron and Incredible Solution.”