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To cater for the increased demand in its electronic workflow and document management solutions in South Africa, as well as increasing sales of its electronic signature pads, Datafinity has opened a branch in Cape Town.

The company has more than a decade of experience in Forms Processing, Automated Document Capture and Enterprise Document Management, and is the official South African distributor of two different ePad signature pad manufacturers.

Datafinity has used these areas of expertise to help clients from various vertical industries to move away from paper-based business solutions to more efficient digital business processes.

“Cape Town is a strategic area for us as many of our Gauteng-based clients have branch offices there, and we have a number of clients that operate exclusively in the Western Cape. As companies continuously look for ways to further drive process efficiencies, we have been seeing an increased need for our skills and products in the region.

“While we have always serviced our client base – wherever they are in the country – with our specialist teams based in Johannesburg, we believe that a branch focusing on Cape Town and surrounds will improve the efficiency and quality of service our Western Cape customers enjoy,” says Paul Wright, Datafinity’s founder.

He says Datafinity has come a long way since it opened its doors in 2000, focusing on the fax server and data capture market.

“Since then the company has expanded its focus to encompass more sophisticated areas of information processing, be it documents, forms, applications, claims, invoices or purchase order, for example. Once the data is received and captured, we can control how it is stored, managed, shared via workflow, and ultimately discarded in a legally compliant and most efficient manner possible,” he adds.

“The addition of the signature pad products to our solution set has also helped the company grow.”

Wright adds that Datafinity’s decision to open its doors in Cape Town was also spurred by the company’s philosophy that all the required technical expertise to successfully implement and support its respective solutions needs to be in-house.

“We have always been proud of our skill and technical ability, which we believe is why we have been successful for over 13 years. We are not reliant on external parties to help us deliver our solutions and our dedicated team of service professionals offer exceptional skill and experience.

“Our breadth of reference sites are testament to this. We look forward to growing our customer base and servicing our existing ones in the Western Cape,” he concludes.