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CA Southern Africa has revealed that at the recently held WORLD ’14 — CA Technologies introduced the Management Cloud – a broad portfolio of easy-to-use CA applications, delivered from the cloud, that enable customers to make the right portfolio decisions, deliver exceptional service experience and empower the modern, mobile workforce.

The Management Cloud portfolio was developed in response to the growing size and complexity of enterprise IT investments. It delivers comprehensive management for IT services, assets and projects with rapid time-to-value, ease of implementation and a user experience that will drive enterprise-wide adoption.

Carey Blunt, global service desk chief architect at Fujitsu, says: “Fujitsu leverages CA’s Management Cloud solutions to deliver IT management capabilities for our enterprise customer base that are exceptionally quick and easy to deploy. Tools like CA Cloud Service Management enable us to create a modern service management experience that is both agile and cost effective.”

James Harvey, general manager, IT Business Management at CA Technologies, says:
“Enterprise IT portfolios are exploding in complexity and the trend will only accelerate as the application economy continues to expand. The Management Cloud portfolio was developed to manage complexity and transform IT investments into business value rapidly and effectively. With emphasis on ease of implementation and the user-experience, the Management Cloud will drive broader adoption and sustained value across the enterprise.”

The following solutions are part of the broad portfolio of Management Cloud solutions which were on display at CA World ’14:

CA Cloud Service Management (CA CSM) has redefined SaaS-based service management with a unique “configure, don’t code” approach that eliminates the need for big development teams and long customization and development cycles. New enhancements integrate CA CSM with CA Release Automation and Puppet Enterprise, and provide new custom connectors to third-party applications such as Dropbox. CA CSM is available as a free trial.

Angela Yochem, global CIO at BDP International, says:
“Our focus on user experience was critical to why we selected CA Cloud Service Management. Our entire workforce uses CA Cloud Service Management and it has been tremendously well received across all of the business lines. The great thing about the CA suite of tools is that it is an enabling foundation for all the things we are doing at BDP Technology.”

Glenn Mullen, associate vice president, Global Operations at The TriZetto Group, says:
“The new, built-in reporting engine in CA Cloud Service Management is remarkably powerful, letting us visualize key metrics with just a few mouse clicks. Now we can easily take advantage of all the data we have collected and find even more ways to boost efficiency – a hallmark of the CA Management Cloud concept.”

CA Enterprise Mobility Management (CA EMM) powers the unwired enterprise and enables higher employee productivity and IT efficiency by securely managing mobile applications, devices, email and content. CA delivers a simple, context-aware user experience with its Smart Containerization™ technology and unified endpoint management integration.

Dr. Frank Cheng, chief technology officer, Technology Service Business Headquarters at Wistron Corporation, says:
“CA has the DNA to provide the most comprehensive enterprise mobility platform. Its rich enterprise stack has an established footprint, and when you combine that with the new SaaS IT management suite, it’s an attractive value proposition for our customers. In particular, its EMM solution, both SaaS and on-premise, provides total control of devices, applications, content and email while respecting BYOD freedom.”

CA Executive Playbook provides executive-level decision making, with “business-level” analytics and decision support, enabling enterprise leaders to rapidly respond to changing business conditions. It features a consumer-like experience, directly from an iPad, and includes configurable dashboards including ‘system of record’ information and KPIs through seamless integration with CA CSM and CA Project and Portfolio Management (CA PPM) solutions.

CA Project and Portfolio Management delivers industry-leading portfolio management for IT professionals. It improves IT project managers’ ability to prioritize strategic initiatives and resources, ensuring projects and agile teams execute on time and on budget. Rapid and accurate decision-making drives better communication and transparency and reduces investment risk.