Q-KON has recently boosted its footprint into Africa by establishing its partnership with the global Newtec Business Partner Program (bePART) and is therefore an official distributor of Newtec satcom products.
Newtec is a global provider of equipment used in critical satellite-based TV distribution chains. Three years ago, Newtec launched the business partner strategy to ensure partners could access its products quickly and easily across the globe. The goal is to fulfil more business through key partnerships that will bring added value to end-users.

As a Newtec certified partner, Q-KON distributes products and technologies to most of the African continent and has access to the latest developments, globally, in terms of broadband and application in broadcasting services.

The agreement confirms Q-KON has a solid platform from which to engage local broadcast distribution channels and operators, and offer a wider choice of solutions to cater for the domestic market.

“This is our 2nd year where we have been appointed as Newtec’s partner. Q-KON sees the DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) – broadcasting of terrestrial television in digital format – industry as a large growing market and wishes to service this with Newtec,” explains Riaan Roux, System Engineer at Q-KON.

“We are constantly evolving and developing our product portfolio both with our existing supplier partners and with new partners. Our focus currently is to broaden our mutual horizons with our partners,” he adds. “The broadcasting services space in Africa is growing rapidly and there is ongoing interest in cost-effective services that can meet local requirements.”

One of the latest products available through Newtec is the HUB6000, which has a 30% efficiency gain as well as multiple satellite network configuration options. “One of the main advantages though is the lower operational costs and room for extra service within the same available bandwidth,” Roux continues.

Newtec’s ever changing technology is continuing to set industry standards, and together with this partnership, offers a definitive edge in the market. The company offers solutions for traditional and converged broadcast infrastructures (ASI) and IP-based workflows and are active in a whole range of satellite broadcast transmission applications from contribution to exchange and distribution.

The Company’s product offering meets the high operational requirements for professional reliability and service availability including direct-to-home broadcasting, distribution to DTT Transmission Towers, distribution to local head-ends, multi-service broadcast networks and satellite news gathering.

“Q-KON is proud to be a certified partner with Newtec and we are looking forward to the next few months during which we are developing our service and product offerings into the market to increase satellite technology solutions to the Africa continent,” concludes Dr Dawie de Wet, CEO of Q-KON.