Microsoft is running an app development competition to encourage young developers to explore the world of mobility on the Azure platform.

The Openness Ideas competition is for developers that have created or want to create a mobile application with an Azure backend. This app could have been developed for Windows Phone, iOS, Android, or BlackBerry devices.

To enter, a developer has to add a short description of the submitted mobile application in English (at least 250 words), add images of the application and a link to the app’s Windows Phone Store, Google Play Market, Apple App Store or Blackberry World page. Apps are submitted through Facebook.

Participants can enter their applications before 26 May 2015, and the Openness Ideas Community can vote for the apps that have been entered. The top app with most votes will win, meaning the sooner that an app is submitted, the more time it allows for the Community to vote for said app.

Entrants can encouraged to get the Openness Ideas Community to vote for their app by sharing it through Facebook or Twitter. Each App gathers points, which are the sum of submitted votes that have been added under the entry: 1 vote = 1 point.

The winner will receive a digital marketing campaign for their app with a campaign to the value of R50 000 being executed by Microsoft in the Windows Phone category and a campaign amounting to R50 000 being executed by iProspect in the iOS, Android or Blackberry category. It is not possible for entrants to win in both categories.