BTO Solutions has launched BTOVault. BTOVault is delivered in partnership with CommVault, leveraging CommVault’s leading Simpana software, a core software platform that provides data analysis, replication, protection, archiving and search functionality in a flexible and modular fashion.
It offers a robust, scalable backup service to protect critical data, delivered on demand, so users only pay for the storage they consume without the need to maintain expensive and complex infrastructure.

“Data protection is critical today, not only from a legal and compliance perspective, but also to ensure business continuity. However, purchasing all of the required components to deliver an in-house backup solution is a costly exercise that many businesses can ill afford. Furthermore, many do not have the skills to maintain such a solution after it has been implemented. BTOVault simplifies backup and recovery, offering a fully managed backup-as-a-service solution to customers, who only pay for the front end data capacity used. This means that organisations don’t pay for replicated data,” says Kim Ormiston, MD at BTO Solutions.

BTOVault provides continual, comprehensive data backup and protection through an end-to-end managed backup service that includes complete onsite and offsite backup, hardware, software, helpdesk and support services. Furthermore, the solution is offered at a cost per Gigabyte (GB) and includes the supply and installation of hardware and software onsite. The data protection solution is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual customer, with the environment managed by a team of certified consultants. A hybrid approach, incorporating robust on-site backup and secure cloud-based backup, ensures that customers can leverage fast recovery, cost effective and secure long-term storage, and enterprise-class backup services and solutions. Off-site data and replicated onsite data are hosted at Teraco to ensure redundancy and fail-safes are applied to all backups.

BTOVault is a complete, managed backup-as-a-service solution powered by leading global enterprise backup and recovery experts CommVault. This cost effective platform scales from Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) to large corporates, making it the ideal back-end for BTOVault customers, enabling them to expand their data backup and storage as needed.

“CommVault has an existing relationship with BTO Solutions, and they are already aligned with our reseller and channel model. They are also innovative in their approach, extending the traditional boundaries of the software reseller to participate in the hosted and cloud space. They were therefore the ideal partner to move with us into a new strategic business model. Taking CommVault technology and building it into their BTOVault solution enables BTO Solutions to access new markets and deliver more value for customers, provides customers with enterprise class backup functionality whilst creating an annuity revenue stream.”

“This model creates a new revenue stream for us, making it a win-win situation all around. Furthermore, this model falls in line with our cloud strategy and we predict massive growth within this sector,” says Bryan Balfe, Enterprise Account Manager at CommVault.

“CommVault’s Simpana software is a great fit for the solution we wanted to offer our market, as it is highly flexible and CommVault makes it work for our offering. We are now able to offer comprehensive data backup and recovery through a pay-per-use model for customers who require storage of 10 Terabytes (TB) or more. End user customers benefit from our economies of scale, with the solution being offered at a cost of around R10 per GB,” Ormiston concludes.

BTOVault is a unique offering that is fast, flexible and requires minimal bandwidth. Local backups are conducted on premise for improved backup and recovery speed, with the additional protection of cloud-based offsite backup. Initial copies are created locally, de-duplicated and compressed before being sent offsite. CommVault Simpana enables 10:1 compression ratios, meaning that data replication times can be reduced tenfold, ensuring a highly efficient and affordable backup solution. Offsite backups can be run when additional capacity is available, such as after hours.

“BTOVault delivers significant benefit to our customers. Offered as a service, it reduces internal management tasks and frees up customer personnel to work on tasks that add value to the business. On demand backup ensures that customers only pay for the storage they use, making the solution highly affordable and scalable with customer requirements. BTOVault also reduces risk as the backup and recovery solution is managed by experts, and offers additional peace of mind that backups are always recoverable when required. Leveraging BTOVault, powered by CommVault, customers can take advantage of a more structured approach to the backup of critical business data,” Ormiston concludes.