M4JAM (Money for Jam) has announced a new partnership with national retailer Shoprite Checkers to make it easier for jobbers to get hold of their extra cash wherever they are, in realtime.
A new cash out system went live yesterday.

M4JAM chief jammer Andre Hugo says: “Shoprite Checkers has a significant footprint across the country, giving our growing jobber community more opportunity to cash out at their convenience. Adding an additional 990 retail stores will make a huge difference.” He adds, “What is even more exciting is that along with adding these new cash out points, we are also introducing a realtime element to the cash out process.”

Jobbers will no longer have to wait 48 hours between requesting a code and receiving their SMS. The new process, which is only available at Shoprite Checkers, will enable jobbers to request a code and receive it immediately.

While the cash out process at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores remains the same, the process is slightly different for jobbers cashing out at Shoprite, Checkers, Shoprite Hyper, Checkers Hyper, uSave and LiquorShops. All jobbers will have access to a new wallet, giving them the opportunity to cash out at whichever retailer they choose, by making the selection on the M4JAM Official Account (OA) on WeChat.

Tremain Hechter, banking and payment systems manager at Shoprite, comments: “Partnering with M4JAM is a great way for us to move cash out of our system. It’s even better that we can be part of the collaborative economy through our association with M4JAM, and play a role in helping hard-working South Africans make ends meet.”

Hugo adds: “With the unprecedented growth of our platform in the past six months, this is the right time for us to grow and develop our cash out process with partners like Shoprite Checkers. We are constantly looking for ways to change the world and the combination of easy access, real-time cash outs for jobbers, and solving a national retailer’s challenge of moving cash is an ideal way to demonstrate value and grow the South African economy.”

He concludes, “This is just the tip of the iceberg of the sort of solutions we are launching this year.”