As local networks improve and become more affordable – including cloud computing – more and more call centres will move to the cloud, says Andrew van Niekerk, a director of Teleforge Communications, a specialised call centre solutions provider.

“Cloud-based computing is gaining momentum and companies are starting to recognise the benefits – including added convenience of accessing information, and a reduction in the running costs of IT systems,” says Van Niekerk. “Indeed, it is becoming more viable and attractive for businesses of all sizes – and types – to move contact centres to the cloud.”

Out of every 20 call centres Teleforge develops and installs, only two – or less – remain on-site. Among
the reasons for this is that the cost of buying the servers, maintaining them – and the downtime experienced when something goes wrong – is just too high to justify nowadays. And this is without even considering Eskom’s current load shedding.

The beauty of cloud-based call centres is that they are not restricted by a particular location, as well as by hardware, software and call centre agent location.

Additionally, as Internet access improves and people can afford better connectivity at home, we are likely to see a trend where call centre agents will increasingly be able to work from home. This will also noticeably reduce costs for call centre owners.

“This is a compelling rationale for moving to a cloud-based call centre – and this trend will definitely gather steam, including in South Africa.”