Zebra Technologies, a global leader in products and services that provide real-time visibility into organisations’ assets, people and transactions, is unveiling a new wireless local area network (WLAN) offering that is easy to manage and deploy without sacrificing best-in-class technology.
The new WiNG Express is designed for simplicity without compromising on the Zebra WLAN enterprise-class features and functions used by Fortune 500 companies, all while priced to meet the budgets of small and mid-size businesses.

WiNG Express requires virtually no IT department support, with an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand graphical user interface that simplifies end-to-end WLAN management. The WiNG Express offering provides a competitive pricing model while still creating a fully network-aware WLAN that has the intelligence required to route every transmission as efficiently and securely as possible for unsurpassed wireless performance.

According to Mark Smith, sales director, Enterprise Networks & Communications EMEA, Zebra Technologies: “Zebra WiNG Express gives users all the benefits of high-performance wireless connectivity at a cost that small and mid-size businesses can afford. The ease of deployment and scalability allows customers to grow their network as their business grows, all while maintaining best-in-class operational efficiency and delivering outstanding customer service.”

The WiNG Express AP portfolio consists of two dual radio 802.11ac access points (AP 7502E and AP 7522E) and four 802.11n APs (AP 6511E, AP 6511E, AP 6521E, AP 6522E and AP 6562E).

All Express APs come with built-in tools to monitor, manage and troubleshoot APs and connected devices along with powerful analytics which allow users to drill down into any specific AP to view its history for up to 24 hours.

It is a scalable, secure and flexible solution, offering a controller-less architecture in which one access point can control up to 24 additional access points.

If the site requires 25 access points or has multiple locations, a WiNG Express Manager can be added to allow the network to grow with the enterprise needs.

Now expanding its availability to Europe, Middle East and Africa, WiNG Express is backed by Zebra Services which offer support to keep products and solutions operating at peak performance throughout their lifecycle.

The channel-friendly WLAN is designed to help with channel profitability by simplifying deployment and reducing post-sale service issues.

The WiNG Express system is a state-of-the-art wireless offering that uses distributed intelligence, increasing the performance and resilience of the wireless network without usage bottlenecks or single points of failure.