Liquid Telecom South Africa announced an expansion of its reseller base in response to increasing demand for broadband connectivity over its award-winning satellite network.

Liquid Telecom was named the 2014 VSAT Provider Of The Year at the SatCom Star Awards and its shared MPLS satellite service won the VSAT Innovation for Africa category at the 2014 AfricaCom awards.

In South Africa Liquid Telecom sells satellite connectivity via its network of resellers and passes direct sales enquiries onto these resellers. The past six months have seen an unprecedented number of direct queries from SMEs, corporations and financial institutions, government and public sector bodies as well as organisations wanting to connect remote rural communities.

In response to this demand, Liquid Telecom is now looking to add to its roster of reseller partners.

Scott Mumford, Head of Liquid Telecom’s Satellite Services, said “We have a number of key differentiators, which means we can deliver a superior satellite service in South Africa. When compared to our competitors, Liquid Telecom delivers a service that is top-rated in speed, latency, capacity, cost and customer service.”

The satellite service of Liquid Telecom differs from other providers in a number of ways:

* African data is kept in Africa – Liquid Telecom is the first provider to build a satellite hub at Teraco’s vendor-neutral earth station enabling African data to be routed locally, which reduces latency and increases internet reliability. Many other satellite providers route traffic via satellite earth stations located outside South Africa.

* Truly uncapped packages with no Fair Access Policies – unlike most other providers, Liquid Telecom has no data limitations.

* Its MPLS network has been designed for corporate networks, especially banks and companies with head offices in South Africa.

* Full national coverage – Liquid Telecom’s satellite products cover even the most remote parts of the country and also offers solutions far beyond South Africa’s borders.

* Access to Liquid Telecom’s pan-African fibre network.

* Speeds of up to 20 mbps.

* VPNs, VoIP, videoconference all available.

* Voice prioritised for clear calling.
* Easy installation for temporary events, exhibitions and projects.
Liquid Telecom offers its reseller partners:
* The highest returns on wholesale margins – resellers can earn up to 20% return, which is significantly more than other reseller programs currently available.
* Ability to sell as a Liquid Telecom product or to white label.
* Ongoing reseller training, joint marketing, sales incentives and promotions.
* Access to leads, assistance with business proposals and proof of concept, presales team assistance to design corporate networks and best-recommended approach for corporate opportunities.
* Pooled bandwidth available for reseller controlled contention ratios.
* Access to installers across Africa to lower installation fees.
* Liquid Telecom is looking for resellers currently in the ICT sector with experience in offering value-added services. Preferably they would be an existing ISP with a good credit record and registered with WAPA or ISPA.