A total of 1,4-billion smartphones will be sold in 2015, with sales topping US$ 300-billion. This will outstrip the sale of all PCs, televisions, tablets and game consoles, says Christopher Riley, CEO of The Notebook Company.Riley says his company is “positively eying” the smartphone market, saying it is a natural extension of its laptop and tablet sales.

“This is a huge market and it looks like it is in a serious upward trajectory,” he says.

The sales figures were provided by Deloitte’s TMT Predictions 2015 report, released last week.

The consulting and auditing firm says that in developed markets, seven out of 10 smartphone users upgraded their smartphones in the past 18 months.

Research showed that although people still spend a lot of time watching TV or using computers, the smartphone has emerged as the “most constant companion, the most personal of choices, the most customised and reflective of the owners, the least likely to be shared with other users, and the most frequently looked at”.

Deloitte predicts that of the $300-billion in smartphone sales this year, more than three-quarters will be weighing in as upgrades.

The report also revealed that there are a number of factors which are propelling people’s urge to buy newer smartphones, including improved performance – bigger screen size, better camera capabilities and new features like fingerprint sensors. Aesthetics and social factors such as peer pressure are also a consideration.

While Riley says the sale of laptops and tablets would remain The Notebook Company’s main focus, he believes the smartphone market “cannot be ignored”, as smartphones could have a “marked impact” on the company’s sales.