Telkom has introduced a range of mobile voice bundles aimed at offering customers greater flexibility in managing their fluctuating business and personal voice usage demands without incurring the higher cost of out-of-bundle voice minute usage.
Now, once customers have depleted their available voice allocation, they can purchase voice bundles at an in-bundle rate instead of having to go out-of-bundle at a higher rate. This flexibility allows customers to better manage their spending and offers more value for voice calling.

“These enhancements are a result of our renewed focus to drive innovation that delivers a sustainable balance of choice, flexibility and affordability to our customers. Delivering a superior customer experience is a clear priority for us and this offering is just another milestone on that journey with many more to come,” says Telkom’s MD: consumer and mobile services, Attila Vitai.

The introduction of voice bundles to some of the industry’s most affordable mobile offerings also reduces the need for customers to irregularly switch between calling plans, especially when on contract.

“The quality and value that we are hoping to deliver is underpinned by simplicity and ease of use for our customers. Our aim is to ensure that Telkom is the one stop shop for all our customer’s communication needs,” Vitai adds.