Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, hosted the 24 finalists (12 teams) for the conclusion of its global business case challenge, Go Green in the City, in Paris, France, from June 22 to 25 2015.

The final event was held at the Group’s headquarters. The winners for this year’s challenge are from India. The laureates Mohamad Meraj Shaikh and Spoorthy Kotla, from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, won the challenge for their idea on an Efficient Energy Management Application.

As in previous years, Go Green in the City candidates presented a case study focusing on energy solutions for cities. Working in teams of two, with at least one woman on the team, student’s devised viable solutions for energy management sectors critical to cities, such as: home, university, retail, water, and hospital.

The 12 finalist teams came from United States, Brazil, China, France, Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Pakistan, Australia, Philippine, Japan and India. They presented their ideas for efficient energy management in smart cities to a jury composed of Schneider Electric senior management. During the 3 day event, the finalists visited facilities of the Group, networked with Schneider Electric employees, and attended career-building workshops.

The winning team of Go Green in the City 2015 wins a world VIP-style trip with Schneider Electric, visiting facilities, and networking with employees and senior management. They were also offered a professional opportunity with Schneider Electric.

The Go Green in the City competition has received a total of around 30 000 participants in the last five years and expanded its scope from 8 countries in 2011 to 168 countries in 2015.

In these last five years, Schneider Electric has seen strong and increasing interest from students for this contest especially from the new economies. First time participants Bhutan and the Democratic Republic of Congo had an impressive representation in this year’s challenge and there was a surge in entries from India and Indonesia.