Mecer, one of South Africa’s best-selling desktop PC brands, has announced that three models of its Android tablets are now officially listed on the Google Play supported devices list.

The models are the Mecer 101P51C, 800P31C, and TEI11011 – from the Mecer Xpress SmartLife and Mecer Android Classmate ranges. They are the only South African technology brand to make the Google Play list.

The Android compatibility program works for the benefit of the entire Android community, including: users, developers, and device manufacturers. This program requires that Mustek Limited tests its devices with the Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS).

Android devices differ in hardware and software capabilities. The compatibility program also provides the tools needed for distribution systems, such as Google Play, to implement appropriate filtering. This means users see only the applications they can actually run.

“Achieving compatibility gives Mustek Limited the confidence that its listed devices will function flawlessly with Android and Google Play,” says Mustek CEO David Kan. “We are proud to be the first and only South African brand to achieve this milestone, and look forward to innovating Mecer forward.”