ICT distributor Pinnacle Africa was the first local distributor out of the blocks on Wednesday morning, announcing the immediate availability of Proline devices ready to launch with Windows 10.

The company states that the Proline engineering team has been working closely with Microsoft to ensure that a Windows 10 product offering is available to the market on 29 July, to co-incide with the Windows 10 upgrade launch.

The offering will ensure that the locally-manufactured Proline Computers are first to market with devices pre-installed with the Windows 10 operating system.

“We have been testing numerous products to ensure the best possible customer experience at launch,” says Rodger Green, brand executive for Proline Computers.

“While informing our clients of the free Windows 10 upgrade available from Microsoft, we wanted to set ourselves apart by offering devices that were already upgraded and we’re very proud to be able to offer these to our customers before other vendors are able to do so.”

Green adds that Windows 10 is a friendly and familiar operating system, true to its promise of being the best combination of the familiar Windows features plus improvements.

Two Windows 10-powered Proline devices are available immediately. “We have a notebook device as well as a tablet launching immediately,” says Green.

They are the W945LU Notebook and the 8,9-inch A933L Tablet. A number of other devices are currently in the production phase and will be released within the next few days. These include desktop devices, another notebook and Proline’s S210TU 2-in-1 tablet.