The third annual Agile Africa conference on 24 to 26 August 2015 hosted by the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University will feature a session on emergent design and how developers design with a smaller code base in agile.
JCSE director, Professor Barry Dwolatzky, says emergent design is a key element of agile success in any organisation: “This exciting session will dispel the myths surrounding emergent design and outline its relevance in an agile environment.”

Presented by Rouan Wilsenach, a software developer at ThoughtWorks, a leading global technology company, the session will outline what emergent design is, the differences between it and up-front design; the importance of design, its benefits, guiding principles relating to design and the concepts of refactoring and design as an activity.

“In this session you will see how emergent design will facilitate the delivery of functionality, while letting the design emerge. Rouan will use his in-depth knowledge of cake (and other delicious treats) to explain what makes emergent design different from up-front design and why it’s a good idea,” says Dwolatzky.

The session will also include an overview and guiding principles on how to maintain good design as a system grows, as well how to encourage organisation-wide agile adoption.

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There is a 25% saving for Super Group Tickets, which is for organisations with more than 10 attendees.