TT-Network (TTN), the joint venture between TeliaSonera and Telenor, has completed the final phase of its ground-breaking Single RAN network sharing project, for which Nokia Networks was the sole radio and services provider. This is the first time ever that a network across GSM, 3G and LTE has been supplied to two operators sharing the network and frequencies. It has led to improved coverage and capacity along with an excellent mobile broadband experience.
TTN’s process for creating a common infrastructure in Denmark started in 2012 with the merger of Telia’s and Telenor’s LTE networks, followed by 3G. Now the company has finalized the consolidation of the GSM portion.

To combine the two live-traffic nationwide networks, the operation – carried out across multiple technologies and frequencies in a multi-vendor core network environment – was planned in minute detail and performed so that there was no disruption to subscribers.

Summary of the solutions and services delivered by Nokia Networks:

* Global Services expertise, including network operations, implementation and care services, made the smooth execution possible;
* Nokia Networks implemented its Single RAN Advanced platform, built around the compact, high-capacity Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station to run all technologies concurrently; and
* The company’s cloud-ready NetAct network management system ensures consolidated and effective monitoring, management and optimisation of the shared network.

Johan Wickman, CEO at TT-Network, says: “So far, no other operator has accomplished a multi-radio sharing initiative of such a broad scope. In Nokia Networks, we have a trusted partner with global experience in shared networks that helped us achieve our aim of delivering high-quality services in Denmark.”

Louise Suhr, head of TTN customer team at Nokia Networks, says, “Our unique solution and ability to manage complex network sharing projects allowed TTN to create Denmark’s best mobile network more rapidly and more efficiently than either partner could have done on its own. The company now provides markedly improved mobile broadband services.”