Local video on-demand service VIDI has become the first-to-market in South Africa with a streaming Smart TV app.
The company is partnering with Samsung Smart TV to provide easy access to hours of TV series and feature films.

Viewers prefer watching their home entertainment on their wide screen televisions and now, with no effort, audiences can enjoy hours of top-class VIDI entertainment on their television sets.
The Samsung Smart TV app allows consumers to enjoy premium entertainment directly on their TV.

Users will receive one month’s free access to VIDI’s SVOD service with its more than 3 500 television
episodes and one free movie from the TVOD collection of more than 400 movie titles.

VIDI spokesperson Janene Matsukis explains the many features and benefits of this pioneering television application. “VIDI is Internet television built for South Africans,” she says.

“It’s an affordable and easy-to-use VOD service that enables users to binge-watch marathon sessions of their favourite TV series and movies as and when they want, advert-free and schedule-free. It also allows personalised profiles to enable parental control for children.”

The VIDI app is already pre-loaded on every Samsung Smart TV model from 2013 to 2015 so that accessing VIDI is as simple as switching on your TV, connecting and watching a movie or a series on the spot. For Samsung customers, it’s like having another premium TV and movie channel. Models from 2012 will follow suit shortly.

“As the first South African company to launch a VOD streaming service, VIDI understands what local consumers want,” Matsukis adds. “It is important for us to provide our service directly on TV screens as it meets a consumer demand for no cables, no hassle and no fuss. Samsung is the television industry leader and is at the forefront of pushing online streaming TV and video, so they were the ideal partner for us.”