Proudly South African (Proudly SA) and CGF Research Institute have renewed a strategic partnership agreement, which will see a continuation of the long standing partnership between the two organisations.
They have respectively promoted and supported the values of doing business on an ethical basis, furthermore underpinning the importance of the socio-economic development of the South African economy through the “buy local” campaign.
“We highly value our ongoing partnership with CGF and we are indeed proud of the association we have held since 2006 – it speaks to good corporate governance, sound business ethics and integrity when doing business,” says Proudly SA’s CEO, Advocate Leslie Sedibe.
CGF Research Institute is a Proudly South African organisation that specialises in conducting desktop research on corporate governance, risk and compliance (GRC). Much of this research is then augmented into a Corporate Governance Framework for its clients who comprise a number of notable public and private, as well as government organisations.
“As Proudly SA we believe in good corporate governance and compliance principles – and we ascribe to high ethical values to the benefit of our members, partners, associates and staff. We are therefore pleased to be renewing our partnership with an organisation that promotes and practices our shared values,” adds Sedibe.
The mutually beneficial partnership agreement has been renewed for a further three-year period.
CGF’s CEO Terry Booysen says the business relationship between the two organisations was key to showcasing the importance of underpinning sound business principles and values in the products and services being offered by South African based companies.
“As each South African citizen, and each company and its leadership unite for the common good of South Africa, so our country will take its rightful place on the world stage to showcase all the reasons for which our late Tata Nelson Mandela fought so bravely,” says Booysen. “Uniting all our efforts under the banner of the Proudly SA Campaign is not only the right thing to do, but it is also a wonderful way of demonstrating our national pride for this most admired country in the world, which is reflective in our country’s diversity, its people and the spirit of ‘ubuntu’.”