Open Source (OS) software supplier Obsidian Systems has announced its 25% acquisition of Cape-based IT consultancy Autumn Leaf and the expansion of  its footprint in South Africa.
Autumn Leaf is an IT service provider focused on the development of Java applications, Hadoop and services.
The two companies share synergy in the development and application of OS within business, to enhance corporate infrastructure.
“Autumn Leaf purchased their first SUSE server from Obsidian Systems many years ago and we have continued using open source frameworks for infrastructure and data solutions for our clients,” says Grant Bingham, MD of Autumn Leaf.
“The partnership with Obsidian Systems will strengthen our shared knowledge base and will enhance our offerings for big data, DevOps and open source technologies,” he adds.
Muggie van Staden, MD of Obsidian Systems, confirms that Autumn Leaf is now a subsidiary and the acquisition means that the value of exposure to an expanded open source technology ecosystem can be transferred through to clients.
Obsidian Systems and its subsidiaries, including GuruHut and Autumn Leaf’s combined client-base, will reap the benefits both operationally and through improved sales support and services.
“Our mission is to make our customers’ world more open and connected. Obsidian is currently in a position where we can start focusing on what platforms will become an integral part of business, enabling even more useful data, methodology to build better software and interoperable future-facing technologies,” says Van Staden.
The group is positioned to help any size organisation acquire and integrate solutions that add real business value.
Management from both companies agree that the OS ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth, driven by easier, widespread access, understanding of available security and access to effective, easily integrated solutions.