LG Electronics has scooped another award at the recent Good Design Awards 2015.
The Good Design Award is a comprehensive design-promotion system that picks good design out of a variety of unfolding phenomena, and aims to enrich lives, industries, and society as a whole by highlighting and celebrating these works. Hosted by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion, the awards aim to recognize roughly 1200 designs yearly, from a wide range of fields.
This year’s awards saw a total of 18 products from the LG Electronics stable being chosen among the Best 100. The most notable of these included the Ultra OLED TV, which will be arriving on the South African shores soon.
“In a rapidly changing and competitive market, the ability to increase business value through innovation is a critical success driver for LG. Being recognized for our commitment towards innovation and world-class product designs by independent institutions such as the Japan Institute of Design Promotion is testament that the products we make available are paving the way towards an intelligent, streamlined future from an innovation perspective,” says Thomas Van Der Linde, GM: marketing at LG Electronics.
The Good Design Award is not a competition to determine the superiority or inferiority of a design. Instead, it assesses designs from the perspective of whether or not it enriches life or society – in other words, the effect and use of that design. It then shines a light on the designs that fulfill that role. As a recipient of a Good Design Award, LG will benefit from the granted use of the G Mark symbol, which has been an emblem of good design for over half a century.