Cell C has launched new data bundles that let customers keep unused data that would previously have expired.
With Cell C’s new DataExtenda bundles, customers can extend the validity of their data bundles allowing them to carry over unused data.
“We know that customers want to be able to use the data they have purchased at times that are convenient to them, but validity periods are sometimes just not long enough to allow them to control when they use their data,” says Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos.
With Cell C’s DataExtenda, customers’ data will never expire as long as they load another Extenda bundle every 30 days.
The new bundles will be available to customers from 5 November and can be purchased in a variety of offerings.
“Not only is Cell C offering customers the carry-over they have been asking for, but also giving it to them at a great price point. This is over and above all the current additional bonus value that customers receive from Cell C with the likes of MegaBonus, MegaData and SupaCharge,” says Dos Santos.