At least 85% of South African motorists rate their overall detailed understanding of their motoring plans as a two out of 10 – where one is defined as no understanding and 10 as highly detailed understanding. While 38% do not even know which plan they have, 50% do not know or are unsure of what their plan includes.
This is according to a recent consumer survey by MotorHappy – a subsidiary of the Imperial Group.
MotorHappy MD Kerry Cassel comments: “We surveyed over 900 South African motorists from across the country and received unbelievable feedback from both men and women from 20 years old to over the age of 60.
“An average of 85% rated their detailed understanding a two out of 10, add to this the 4% who rated their knowledge a one out of 10 – nearly 90% of respondents are aware that they are not informed when it comes to motor financial services products like service plans, maintenance plans and warranties.”
According to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa’s (NAAMSA) 2015 statistics, there are approximately 10-million cars on the road in South Africa.
“Many of these cars have a motoring plan,” says Cassel. “However, our statistics highlight that the majority of motorists driving on our roads lack vital knowledge relating to their cars’ servicing and maintenance needs.
“This lack of knowledge is not limited to a single demographic but is widespread across all age groups, provinces and genders,” she adds.
The MotorHappy survey found that 45% of female respondents and 36% of male respondents are unsure of which product they currently have; while 62% of all respondents also either don’t know or are unsure of the start and end dates of their plan, those over 60 years old scored highest in this regard with 49% stating that they are aware of their plan timeframe.
Cassel says: “While these complex products are often viewed as a grudge purchase, it is vital for motorists to know the details of their car servicing and maintenance requirements as well as inclusions and timelines attached to the motoring plan they have or are paying for.”