Customers looking to leverage ultra-high speed between disparate data centres, branches or sites, can now take advantage of Metrofibre Networx’s latest Data Centre Express offering.
The latest in its growing portfolio of network service offerings provided from its multi-terabyte ready backbone, Data Centre Express has been designed by Metrofibre for enterprise customers looking to leverage the benefits of a network that supports high resiliency, ultra-low latency and carrier grade connectivity with globally compliant 99,999% SLAs demanded by customer connectivity requirements between multiple data centres .
“Our Data Centre Express offering has been designed to meet the stringent needs of customers who are requiring big data, high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to service the exponential growth in cloud applications, or have bespoke multi-data centre needs,” says Gary Williams, EMEA marketing co-chair for the MEF and head of pre-sales engineering at Metrofibre Networx. “As a result of the ongoing investments we make in ensuring the quality and high availability of our core network, we are now able to offer customers the ultra-low latency required for such a service.”
Metrofibre Data Centre Express is the perfect solution for customers who need to interconnect several sites into a high performance and secure private network; e-commerce service providers that needs the higher availability provided by multiple data centre locations; as well as application service providers (ASPs) looking to connect between environments and deliver services to clients; and more. In short the service allows all customers, no matter their requirement, to treat multiple data centre sites as a single entity.
According to Williams, customers today need a network that can support Big Data transport applications whilst providing them with a solution that seamlessly extends LAN and SAN connectivity and at the same time provides highly secure data replication, server clustering and workload mobility between geographically dispersed data centres. He says the Metrofibre Data Centre Express offering not only enables this, but also delivers on operational consistency to ensure business continuity, supporting high-performance and scalable Layer 2 extensions on the network that forms the premise for dynamic cloud connectivity for seamless hybrid cloud functionality.
“The cornerstone of our offering is our Globally Compliant Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Network, which enables us to provide Data Centre Express services that carry a world-class “five nines” (99.999%) SLA. What’s more is that our speed of delivery is unparalleled, and we are able to connect all major data centres located in the Metrofibre Gauteng Metro within two to three weeks,” adds Gary Webster, head of sales at Metrofibre Networx.
The Metrofibre network is able to deliver high capacity dedicated data rates up to 100Gbps with ultra-low sub <.5ms latency and packet loss. The company already has connections to all of the major data centres in Gauteng, including the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).
“Data in today’s world is king, but until now the high costs associated to transport it between data centre environments has been inhibitive. Our Data Centre Express offering is exceptionally competitively priced and provides our customers with a real alternative that will enable them the flexibility of hosting data across multiple sites,” Webster says.